Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Work work work mummy's taxi service work chickens work dog work scrabble work 

That just about sums up my sad little life over the last x months. On the plus side, it means that I can afford to just slightly more relaxed about house repossession and the children being politely but firmly requested to leave their schools.

On the down side it means pretty much no social life for similar length of time, and (Gasp!) seriously curtailed blogging time.

The good news is that my mojo is drifting back from its hippy year out. It's still a bit stoned, and has a few nasty insect bites to deal with and a touch of Dehli belly, but it's going to pull itself together by degrees and get its wordy little beehind into gear.

And hooray! I survived my first grown-up tax return! (for information- hier in England, many people pay tax through the PAYE tax system, which means that it is paid from their salary at source and they never have to fill in a tax return. Which is what I had always done until I started being freelance two years ago).

And now I can't end a post with some brackets so I suppose I'd better add another sentence for no apparent reason at all.

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