Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I know, I know I have been remiss.

The truth is that I have been busier this academic year than I ever thought it possible to be again after the toddler x3 years. All three children doing different things at the same time, senior school application processes for Dill, absolutely loads of work in, the garden running riot, the guinea pigs running more riot (we now have about 10 pregnancies courtesy of the our one solitary male, Houdini the aptly named. Oh, and somewhere along the way, my blog picked up an internet weirdo, whose appearance I have debated how to deal with. Whilst the troll in question remains internet based I have no real problem with it however, so here I am.

We've managed to shift two of the children- Sim to Italy with his friend Thumb for ten days, and Hen to France to her penfriend's house just over the Channel. On Thursday they return simultaneously to different airports, which will either require a small time warp device for collection purposes, or the cunning deployment of a grandmama.

Reader, I confess that my work on the time travel thing has not progressed according to plan this year, so I have enlisted the Wiltshire grand-parental contingent. Half of the France contingent is currently deployed looking after Hen for a few days following her visit to penfriend's house.

And then, after a scant few days to wash underpants, get up to speed for exam retakes in History and Biology in September, Sim wings off to Spain for a month to stay with our Spanish sons' family. Spanish son number 2 (not Cheese, the other one, whose blog name I cannot recall at the moment -will do a search later) has been here since June, and will be coming back to stay for the Autumn term as his brother did last year, and attending large city day school. Which suddenly makes the proposition of four children (since Dill will be joining them on their trip into town, although attending a different school) taking the bus into the city every day a suddenly unaffordable prospect (£42 x 4, every month- you do the math, as they say), and means that they are back to Papa's taxi service. Honestly, you'd think they didn't want people to take the bus...

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