Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I didn't deliberately decide to stop blogging. It just sort of happened, and nothing to do with being too busy, or the baby, or anything like that. It was because of the children that I must henceforth call "the older children". These teenage years with them have not been easy- rather like a rollercoaster.

They are all three blessed with pretty even tempers, so there's been nothing outrageous, no drink, no joy-riding, no drugs, no boyfriends or girlfriends to worry about. They have worked at school- some hard, some slightly less hard; they have played hard; they have friends; they are able to talk to adults with some degree of confidence. In short, they are turning out OK so far, and for that I am very grateful. I stopped blogging when they started saying "You're going to put this in your blog, aren't you?" whenever they did anything of note, and I realised that, yes, I really was going to blog that and it had to stop because it wasn't mine to blog any longer.

And then we were blessed with our wonderful Grub, who is (hyper)active and funny and talkative and whimsical and gorgeous, and it would have been a golden opportunity to blog her life from the beginning. Dill was blogged from 5 to 12 and when I look back on my old posts, I realise how many little details you forget and it makes me sad that I've forgotten so much about them as children.

So I'm wondering whether I could start to blog again, in secret like.

As Sim nears 18, a major life-changing event is about to occur- namely the first child leaving home. People tell me that these days they are all boomerang children- back before you know it. Is it wrong of me to hope that he does boomerang back and to hope he doesn't in equal measures? As we watch in fascination to see if he'll actually achieve his promise and match his achievements to his abilities in terms of exam results, and actually end up at a university worth going to rather than a former FE college masquerading as a higher ed institution (yes, I'm talking to you, "University" of Glamorgan, whose DDD offer Sim has fortunately turned down).

Do these places not realise that there are young people out there who do not listen to a word their parents say and will end up wasting their chance at higher education on a place where even the lecturers can't be bothered to turn up half of the time? The blood fair runs cold, I tell you.

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